Quark Marble


Limited Edition

7 + 2 AP

The Quark series of low coffee tables blends the exploration of materials with production techniques, to give birth to unique monolithic tables. The series’ name is a reference to a type of elementary particle, a fundamental constituent of matter.
Quark tables became the pretext to explore prime natural materials from their extraction to their transformation and to challenge each production stage. The knowledge acquired through this experience made it possible to develop an inclusive path, conscious of territorial reality and skills, where the project definition came to life through direct contact with the field. This piece is an exploration of marble, the most ancient sculptural medium, playing a very important role in artistic heritage. It has been in use since 200 B.C. and sculpting methods have evolved throughout the centuries and these days following technological advances.
Each version explores various finishes, offering different results for each specimen, enhancing the oneness of this production and the infinite identity they can reflect.
The variety of the project reflects the diversity of humankind, in its traditions and abilities. For the designer, it is a passionate challenge each time, to combine traditional craft methods with the use of digital tools that are useful in reproducing the perfect grace of the Quark table curves.


    Quark Marble – Green Forest Marble - 4 elements longWork in Progress - Carrara marble quarryWork in ProgressWork in ProgressWork in ProgressWork in Progress - Quark Green Forest Marble and 3D laser scanning to computer assisted carving robotsWork in Progress - Quark Green Forest MarbleWork in Progress - Quark Green Forest Marble