Quark Cork

Numbered Edition

The Quark series of low coffee tables blends the exploration of materials with production techniques, to give birth to unique monolithic tables. This project became the pretext to explore prime natural materials from their extraction to their transformation and to challenge each production stage. The knowledge acquired through this experience made it possible to develop an inclusive path, conscious of territorial reality and skills, where the project definition came to life through direct contact with the field. This piece is an exploration of cork, a natural resource of Portugal. Locally produced, Quark Cork is a truly renewable and ecological coffee table. It is made solely of locally extracted cork, without the use of any additives.
Throughout its production, carefully selected granules are pressured and steamed inside metallic molds to create cork blocks. The steam used is created by the biomass of the cork and makes the granules expand and release natural tree resin thereby condensing the material. This process is 95% self-sufficient energy-wise and it does not produce any waste.
The perfect grace of the Quark table curves is reproduced on the blocks with the help of digital tools, and finished by the hands of artisans. For the designer, it is a passionate challenge each time, to combine traditional craft methods with the use of modern technology.