Etnastone Dining Table


Numbered Edition

Each table is unique, customised and numbered


The Etnastone collection is named after the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna, a reference to the traditional craftsmanship in the lava stone and ceramics industries, found in the town of Caltagirone. With this project, Emmanuel Babled testifies once again to his bond with pure techniques that are only possible to find in a single place.
Etnastone tables are shaped by the union of different pieces of lava, coloured with delicate enamelling that gives a unique finish to the volcanic texture. Their design concept is based on the experimentation of puzzle compositions, that along with the fully handcrafted process and the palette of glazes with more than 40 colours, allow endless costumisation possibilities for the pieces.
This collection was created in a collaboration with the Italian company Made a Mano, who specialize in stone, tiles and other coatings, produced using traditional techniques.


    Detail of Etnastone Dining TablePalazzo Litta, Milan, 2017Etnastone - Work in progress - Made a Mano (Italy)Etnastone - Work in Progress - Color Palette - Made a Mano (Italy)Caltagirone, ItalyEtnastone - Work in Progress - Color Palette