Etnastone Table


The Etnastone collection is named after the Sicilian volcano, in reference to the traditional craftsmanship in lava stone and ceramics found in the town of Caltagirone. This is one more case where Emmanuel Babled testifies to his bond with pure techniques existing only in one place.

The tables are a union of pieces of lava colored with delicate enameling, with the volcanic texture generating a unique material.

The design concept of this low table consists in the assembly of elements like a puzzle. This particularity together with the fully handcrafted process make for infinite customization possibilities.

Produced with help from Made a Mano.


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Etna_Coffee_Table_Pink Etnastone Coffee Table, Pink – 156,6 x 119 x h34 cm
Etnastone Coffee Table, Yellow and Green – 156,6 x 119 x h34 cm
Etna_Coffee_Table_Colours_2 Etnastone Coffee Table, Blue and Grey – 156,6 x 119 x h34 cm
Etnastone Coffee Table, White – 156,6 x 119 x h34 cm
Etnastone Large Coffee Table, White, Grey, Blue and Black – 219 x 122.7 x h34 cm
Etnastone Coffee Table Animation