Limited Edition

Pulse results from the fusion of Simone Crestani’s technical skills and Emmanuel Babled’s ideas, generating a contemporary artistic lighting piece. The observation of the tools and techniques used to achieve transparency and texture at Crestani’s workshop inspired Babled to define and refine an innovative series of lighting objects. Both artists sampled numerous surfaces, mixing these techniques and applications, and have then applied the chosen one to the different models and compositions of the bodies of the different models. Through this process, Pulse was born, resulting in the vibrating diffusion of its light.
The project is based on the use of borosilicate glass, along with Crestani’s skills. The light is powered by an innovative LED source, produced by LED Italy and characterised by the inversion of the traditional LED strip inside a synthetic resin, able to smoothly¬†diffuse light through the whole fixture.


    Pulse - work in progressPulse - work in progressPulse - work in progressPulse - work in progress