Strawberry Fields


Strawberry Fields is curated by Emmanuel Babled and Paolo Giordano and produced by I+I. The Strawberry Fields project involves artists and designers from widely different cultures and backgrounds; all are outsiders to the culture of traditional carpets. This first edition presents carpets designed by Emmanuel Babled, Stephen Burks, Monica Forster, Irene Fortuyn, Paolo Giordano, Stefano Giovannoni, Richard Hutten, Setsu Ito, Shinobu Ito, Dacia Manto, Mauro Martinuzzi, Richard Niessen, Satyendra Pakhalé, Jennifer Tee and Simone Tosca.


    Strawberry Fields - carpets - Mama Rosa - 200 x 300 cmStrawberry Fields - carpets - 220 x 300cmStrawberry Fields - carpetsStrawberry Fields - carpets - Brick - 90 x 450cmStrawberry Fields - carpets - Brick - 185 x 300cmStrawberry Fields - carpets - Thera - 220 x 240cmStrawberry Fields - carpets - Thera - 220 x 240 cm