Venice Glass week 2019




Maestro Andrea Zilio and Emmanuel Babled in Murano | credit: Laura Panno



For The Venice Glass Week 2019 Emmanuel Babled will present his latest project AZOICI.
Azoici consists of a series of unique glass pieces, hand-blown in collaboration with the Italian Master Andrea Zilio, and exclusively produced at Venice’s Murano island. The matte black and gray surfaces contrast delicately with the slightly tinted transparent glass. Like magma solidified in a geological layer.






Each piece of the Azoici collection is unique and different, in its own way expressing the interaction between the plasticity of the material and the serendipity of the master blower’s movement.
These glass pieces show what it means to design fluid masses in motion, like mixing earth and water,  and how their complementarity is reinforced by their diversity in a definitive balance, while they remain the cradle of a possible life.
This installation shows the Azoici series alongside a video in collaboration with Laura Panno, which makes the intensity and magic of the craftsmanship behind the Azoici palpable.







7 September – 15 September 2019
Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti – Palazzo Loredan
San Marco – Venice
Azoici | credit: Laura Panno











Azoici will be featured on our new digital platform Prime Matter, which highlights unique craft and design, and tells the story of the maker, the designer, the materials and the creation process, as well as the rich tradition behind it and the challenges of contemporary innovation.
From the end of September you will receive periodically a compact newsletter linked to the platform and the full content of our pubblication.
Curated by Studio Emmanuel Babled, Prime Matter aims to put the relationship between craft and design in the spotlight, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at unique creative processes, and to make age-old knowledge transmitted orally available to those interested.
The platform will also share interviews and films, and work also as an archive.


Soon Prime Matter will include an e-commerce page to make fully available this single experience.