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BABLED EDITIONS DURING THE ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH | DESIGN MIAMI   We are proud to announce our presence at the new platform for Design, RGA Rocket, by Miami-based architect Rene Gonzalez. The occasion featuring for Quark Plexiglas, Quark Copper and Origin. Sponsored by Wallpaper, the exhibition takes place during the Art Basel Miami Beach…. Read more »


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Titled 2014 Titled is a collection of 9 Domes in glass and wax-lost golden brass, in limited edition of 30 pieces signed and numbered designed by Emmanuel Babled for Secondome. The combination of the two materials makes this collection unusual and brilliant. The seven domes has a Title that is the concept of the collection… Read more »

Quark Bronze

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Quark Bronze 2014 New metal version of Quark. Low table in Bronze. Limited edition, made in Italy. The project Quark continues to explore materials and production techniques to give birth to monolith tables.   Click here to view Quark Plexi Click here to view Quark Marble Click here to view Quark Wood Click here to… Read more »

Digit Lighting Installation

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Digit Lighting Installation 2015 The Digit lighting installations is a new proposal for interior decorators and architectural projects. The Breathing Cloud featured at the entrance of the PAD Paris 2015, the installation in the Galerie Yves and Victor Gastou, and the one in Palazzo Litta in Milan April 2015, are the first illustrations of compositions… Read more »