Limited edition
7 + 1AP

The Stepp Table is a unique piece among the limited editions.
It plays with the concept of antagonistic feelings: hard and steady materials as marble and granite and the lightness and dynamics of its legs shape.
The table’s iconoclastic vision of the stone is given by the humour and freshness of this new shape: four moving and skinny legs in granite support a large tabletop in carrara statuario marble as if they are starting to dance or escape the room.
To reach for this lightness in design, Emmanuel Babled solved the strong ecstatic and mechanic challenge, by hiding a refined stainless steal structure inside the granite legs making this unusual design character possible.
One more example of Babled’s playful and innovating vision, desacralysing the nobility of marble by giving it a singular character.
( Produced in collaboration with TESTI Group )

Work in progress