Etnastone Dining Table


Numbered Edition

The Etnastone comes from the Etna volcano in Sicily, where lava blocks are extracted to create the tables that make up the collection. This is a direct reference to the lava stone and ceramic industry, a tradition at Caltagirone, on a collection that once again witnesses the bond and the interest of Emmanuel Babled in working with craftsman techniques that are only possible to find in a single place in the world.

The tables are shaped by the union of different pieces of lava, which are then delicately enameled and give a unique finish to the volcanic texture. The design concept is based on the experimentation of puzzle compositions, a singularity that together with the manual manufacturing process and a palette of glazes composed of more than 40 colors, gives endless customization possibilities to the pieces.
The Etnastone collection was created in collaboration with the Italian company Made a Mano, specialized in stone, tiles and other coatings produced using traditional techniques.

Work in progress


  • Palazzo Litta, Milan, 2017
  • Palazzo Litta, Milan, 2017